5 Steps to Net Zero Multi-family Residence Renovation: Toronto

Renovating multi-family residences for net zero capable operation is a process. This report presents a 5 step renovation process for a multi-family residence in Toronto consisting of window replacement, infiltration sealing, smart (CERV2) ventilation, cold weather comfort conditioning heat pump, and heat pump water heater.

These analyses follow a renovation strategy proposed by engineer Rob Blakeney. Rob’s vision is a process that improves energy efficiency with minimal disruption to building residents. Ideally, within a 1 to 2 day renovation period, apartment residents are displaced in temporary quarters while interior infiltration sealing (Aerobarrier) and window replacement occurs. The process does not include the addition of exterior/interior insulation to walls and roof in order to expedite the renovation process. An exterior, stackable set of all-electric mechanicals would be erected adjacent to the building’s exterior. The “mechanicals” compartment consists of smart ventilation, comfort conditioning and hot water supply to each residence. CERV2 distributed, wireless sensor technologies are placed in the residence for ventilation and comfort control, and residence energy monitoring. An online dashboard provides building management and maintenance an efficient means for managing residence IAQ, comfort and energy usage.

Renovating our residences is more than an individual act of reducing the energy consumption and improving the indoor environment of our homes. Home renovation creates jobs and is a key piece in the puzzle for moving to a non-fossil fuel, renewable energy based future. The potential for electrical energy reduction through the introduction of today’s high efficiency heat pumps creates a supply of grid electricity for powering all of our EV (Electric Vehicle) transportation needs.

5 Steps to Net Zero Multi-family Residence Renovation: Toronto

Read our report describing how transformation of multi-family residences in Toronto into net-zero, healthy homes is the most economic path for building owners, building residents, and Canada toward a prosperous future.

Is the same true for Miami? Stay tuned for a future report to find out!


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