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Equinox Meets the Needs / ASHRAE Solar ZEB Article 12

ASHRAE Solar ZEB Article 12

Our last ASHRAE Journal article summarizes the “tour” taken over the year, exploring the features, costs, and performance of Equinox House. November, 2020 represents the 10th anniversary of Deb and Ty living on solar energy. Equinox House was designed with engineering economic optimization principles, but you do not need to be an engineer to design a high performance home.

The economic optimization procedures used in Equinox House design are now available in our free-to-use, online ZEROs (Zero Energy Residential Optimization software) simulation model. Follow our “7 Steps to Designing an Economical Net Zero Home” attached to the software homepage as a guide to designing your net zero dream home, or watch our 7 Steps YouTube webinar as have more than 40,000 others. If you need some inspiration, listen to John Meyer’s “House Music” from our November 2016 newsletter.


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