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Solar Collection & Use / ASHRAE Solar ZEB Article 10

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Solar Collection & Use

ASHRAE Solar ZEB Article 10

Economical solar powered living became a reality in many regions around the world over the past decade. Ten years ago, solar PV panels dominated the cost of an installation. Today, Balance-of-System (BOS) costs are greater than solar panels. And that’s a great thing because BOS costs are Main Street costs that create unending local job opportunities for installers and solar system maintenance workers!

Equinox House solar power was switched on in February 2010. By the time of our 10th ASHRAE Journal article in June 2011, we had more than a year’s worth of solar energy collection and house usage data for demonstrating that solar delivers as promised.

Every square inch of Mother Earth receives an average of 12 hours of sunlight per day. A small fraction of one’s roof is all that is required to meet our daily living and transportation needs. Problems remain to be solved, but after 10 years of solar powered living, working and transportation, we know a sustainable, renewable energy powered future is just around the corner!


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